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Published: 06th June 2008
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Washington State is one of the more expensive states to in live in the Pacific Northwest and is currently 3% higher than average in overall cost of living. Much like everywhere else in the U.S gas has now sky rocketed to over $4.00 a gallon. Washington unlike its Oregon neighbor has 6.5% sales tax which makes Washington a more expensive place when it comes to your purchases. One thing Washington has done impressively is the implementing cost efficient alternative energy technologies; making electricity is very affordable in Washington.

Washington is not called the evergreen state for nothing. It's filled with plenty of open land and thick forests. A great deal of Washington's population resides in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Compared to other northwest states Washington has a higher median housing cost which is $419,900. This is the average cost of a home in the Sea-Tac area. The average median income state wide is $52,000 which is below the average house hold income of $56,000 per year. This actually makes Washington a very affordable place to live if you are in a higher income bracket.

Renting in the Evergreen state varies depending on where you live especially if you are in the Seattle area. A good suggestion has always been to try the surround suburbs instead on the inner city. Rent is significantly cheaper across the board and commuting from place to place comes with less of a headache. Average rent for the area is $860 per month.Overall Washington has a great economy and high paying jobs. The ratio between income and cost of living is very good. This makes Washington state a great place to live.

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